One gift. 5 flavours of magic.

Give the trifecta of science, wonder and healthy hydration this holiday.

New year. New hydration.

Be the innovator you are and get the whole crew talking this holiday. Give 'em a taste of the new mind-bending way to drink water - a gift that brings all the same wonder of unwrapping the coolest toy as a kid.

Small pod. Magic flavour.

Bring air up® cheer this New Year: Tangerine, Kola, Raspberry Lemon, Cherry and Koffee Pods will flavour your best life. Fill up, pop on and get going with healthy hydration. Share the air up® love with friends and family.


Sometimes, it’s easier to show than to tell. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. To help you fully understand how to use the air up® drinking system, watch this short video, explaining everything you need to know, in a nutshell.

This is air up

A revolutionary way of drinking: Based on science, it will buzz and delight your brain while taking care of your health. Add 100% natural, surprising tastes to your water. Only by scent.

Science that tricks your brain: Drink water, experience taste. Pure magic!

Pure magic! 0% sugar, 0% additives, 0% hidden stuff. 100% honest and natural. Deal!

Swap pods on the go and enjoy a new taste as you wish. Whizz!